Our Farm

Justin & Alicia Wisselink – Over 3 decades of farming and animal care between us

We are blessed to be caretakers and stewards of a farm that provides us with the opportunity to raise our family while making a living, doing what we love and enjoy. We strive for the upmost quality of animal care, and to give back to the land that was created for us to care for.

Our farm is located in the Bulkley Valley, right across the road from the previous owners of Lemieux Creek Ranch 100% grassfed beef. In fact if you have purchased beef from Lemieux Creek in the past couple of years, chances are very good the animal you got was born on our place. In 7 months time it would have been purchased by Les and Chris (previous owners), moved across the road to be cared for and raised for you. We have been very blessed to have a working relationship with the Les and Chris for well over a decade, and the privilege to call them friends! If you would like to know more history on Lemieux Creek Ranch please click here.

We have a herd of Angus/Galloway cattle that is a “Closed herd” – meaning  we DO NOT introduce animals from other farms or cattle markets into our herd. We know where our cows come from and what goes on with each of them from the time they were born till the time they leave our farm. This reduces health risks to the animals and also gives us confidence we can produce the best quality product for you, knowing exactly what happens from start to finish with each animal.