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How we arrive at the price

We sell beef primarily by the side catering to families who want to guarantee themselves a year round supply of freezer beef. We also sell by the quarter if there are two customers to “split” the side. We encourage customers to “cow pool” with friends or family and order by the side, or even whole.

Pricing is based on what’s known as the Hot Hanging Weight (HHW) which is the weight of the carcass after the head, insides, hide, and feet have been removed. Our price per pound is based on the HHW.

In addition to the price based on the carcass weight (what we receive) there is also the Inspection, Slaughter and Cut and Wrap fees which are approximately $1.20 per pound based on the HHW. We are being charged a little extra to split a side. Specialty processing such as sausages and jerky is extra.

Because your price is based on the carcass weight of the animal, we will not be able give you an exact total price until the animals are harvested. Generally our sides weigh between 290 and 320 lbs hanging.

The most frequently asked question we receive is: How much packaged beef can we expect?

Sixty to 65% of the HHW goes into your freezer as packaged meat. The rest is bone and trim that is removed in processing. We use 62% of the HHW to calculate the packaged price per pound and to estimate how much beef you are putting in your freezer.

Pricing Information and Out of Town Delivery Options

For 2021, our selling price is $4.30/lb hot hanging weight (HHW) for a half or split half and the slaughter/cut and wrap fee is $1.20/lb of HHW for a side and $1.25 for a split-side. These prices assumes the customer is picking up their beef from our butcher.

The following guidelines are based on a 1150 lb live animal. The actual price will vary depending on the size of the animal at the time of slaughter.

Carcass Size HHW  Price Abattoir Cut/Wrap Packaged Weight  Cost/lb in freezer Cost w/local pickup  Cost with LML* delivery Cost with KTR** delivery
Whole  600lb  4,25 25 cents 95 cents 372lbs 8.79/lb $3270 $3420 $3330
Half  300lb  4.30 25 cents 95 cents 186lbs 8.87/lb $1650 $1725 $1680
 Split-Side  150lb  4.30 25 cents $1.00 93lbs 8.95/lb $832  $870  $847

*delivery to Abbotsford, Surrey and Coquitlam pick up points. **delivery to Kitimat, Terrace and Rupert

Please keep in mind that the average cost per pound of packaged meat includes steaks, roasts and ground beef. Although it looks like a lot of money, it is much less expensive than buying a comparable product by the piece or box.

Some organ meat such has heart, kidney, liver and oxtail, is usually available but not guaranteed. The organ meat is available for customers ordering a whole animal.

Delivery – we make one or two trips to the lower mainland and towns along Highways 16, 97 and 1.  in October, depending on demand. There is an additional charge of 25 cents/lb based on the hanging weight. For a 300 lb side, delivery would be $75. For a split side it would be $37.50. In November we make one delivery trip to Terrace, Kitimat and Prince Rupert with an additional charge of 10 cents/lb or $30 for a 300 lb side or $15 for a split side.

Pricing as of Jan 1/2021

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